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Company Core Values

At Vistana Signature Experiences, our core values guide our everyday actions and ensure a common understanding of what we can expect from one another.

Teamwork and Inclusion

  • We value different perspectives and talents, knowing that diversity is instrumental to our success.
  • We set challenging goals for ourselves and for each other and celebrate success regularly.
  • We work hard, individually and as a team, and hold ourselves accountable to achieve our goals.

Ethics and Integrity

  • We believe in doing the right thing both legally and ethically.
  • We build trusting, long-term relationships based on honesty and partnership.
  • We express our values consistently through our words, ethics & actions and decisions.


  • We communicate openly, honestly and respectfully.
  • We listen with empathy, fostering a culture where all people can comfortably speak their minds.
  • We share information and insight, empowering each other with our unique perspectives.

Innovation and Improvement

  • We strive to be better every day.
  • We proactively seek new opportunities and develop fresh ideas.
  • We take responsibility for our own learning and development, and promote the learning and development of others.

Quality of Life

  • We bring energy, enthusiasm and commitment to all aspects of life – work, family and personal.
  • We encourage and enable healthy life balance, for ourselves and one another.
  • We strive to align the needs of our business, our customers, our community, our shareholders and our team as much as possible.

Customer Focus

  • We strive to understand the diverse needs and expectations of all our customers.
  • We inspire our customers to recognize the importance of leisure travel in their lives.
  • We earn customer loyalty by upholding quality throughout our products and actions.
Corporate Timeline