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Harborside Resort at Atlantis

Paradise Island, One Casino Drive, P.O.Box N-4777, Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: 242-363-6800 | Check in: 4 p.m. | Check out: 10 a.m.

84°F / 29°C

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At the heart of Atlantis is a thrilling, 141-acre waterscape featuring an adventure for everyone. Whether you love the adrenaline rush of a 200-foot body slide that sends you flying down into a 50-foot lagoon or the thrilling twists and turns of a water roller coaster, the 18 slides will keep everyone entertained. Once you’re ready for a change of pace, grab an inner tube and float around the lazy river rides. In addition to the seemingly endless fun the waterslides and rides offer, you’ll also have access to more than 20 swimming areas including 11 unique pools, which have been beautifully themed and include adult, kids and lap pool options.

Private cabanas offer a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of the water park and pools. Come to recharge, grab a bite to eat and plan your next adventure. When you’re ready to stay dry for a bit, you can try one of 12 rock-climbing surfaces and see if you have what it takes to reach the top.

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Community Recommends
52 Recommendations
Please note, these recommendations are the subjective opinion of the Vistana Community Members and not of Vistana Signature Experiences, Inc.
"Aqua waterpark, dolphin cay, restaurants"04/04/2018
"Aqua waterpark, dolphin cay, restaurants"
Atlantis is a great place to relax, play and enjoy. There is so much to do. The benefit to Harborside is that you actually have a villa that allow you time to relax, kitchen facilities and access via the bracelets to all Atlantis has to offer, plus great restaurants in the marina. We especially love the Martinique, a special night in a beautiful restaurant overlooking the marina. Recommend for all the water activities, slides, etc. and of course there are the hotels and fine dining.
"Love the Water Park!"03/26/2018
"Love the Water Park!"
You must visit the water park at Atlantis! We have been going there since 2000 and that is the first place the kids head to. It offers fast for the thrill seekers and slow for the lazier kind! We love it.
"A Heaven in the Bahamas!"03/20/2018
"A Heaven in the Bahamas!"
If you are looking for a family vacation with EVERYTHING you will ever need...you got to try Atlantis Harborside! Not only is it beautiful, but it is full of excitement day to day! You never have to leave the resort to enjoy everything Nassau has to offer. They have water sports, a beautiful beach, a fantastic water park, so many things to do during the day, and then at night...there is another whole world to explore. Fantastic restaurants, teamed up with bars and night life. Even Movies!
"Great Park"03/19/2018
"Great Park"
Great time for everyone, all ages this is a all day experience.
"Super fun"03/18/2018
"Super fun"
Great waterpark. Really liked their river ride.
"We have been to Harborside three times."03/16/2018
"We have been to Harborside three times."
Water park is wonderful for children and adults alike. Beautiful setting with lazy rivers that are amazing. Friendly people all around.
"Fun for everyone"03/15/2018
"Fun for everyone"
Spend every day here because it has the beach and every crazy water ride attraction one can imagine. Do the leap of faith!
"Leap of Faith Slide"03/15/2018
"Leap of Faith Slide"
I did this with my two grandsons, when I was in my 60s. It was such a fun experience and my grandsons were amazed that I did it!
"I visited this waterpark and it is awesome!"03/15/2018
"I visited this waterpark and it is awesome!"
You have to go and stay at the resort as well. It is a great place to relax.
"The Waterpark"03/15/2018
"The Waterpark"
This resort is our most favourite! It has water activities for all ages and all levels of bravery. Towels at the pool, food and snacks readily accessible and lots of sunshine. A walk over to the beach, and showers to wash off the sand make it very convenient. We enjoy walking the grounds to see all the aqua life too. And then can retire to the calm quiet of the resort either by walking of the free shuttle buses. Top drawer vacation spot!
"Atlantis is awesome!"03/15/2018
"Atlantis is awesome!"
The Aquaventure Waterpark is amazing. It has something for every age group, and is just always great fun! My kids love it there, and so do Mom and Dad!
"I visited Harbourside February 2018"03/15/2018
"I visited Harbourside February 2018"
I would highly recommend this destination We were a family of 4 mom dad and 2 kids aged 3 and 8 and we all had the best vacation ever The facilities at the water park were absolutely amazing and all the sharks and other fish added to the feeling of having something exciting to do at all time
Take in all of the great water rides and fun for kids.
"Atlantis is marvelous!!!"03/15/2018
"Atlantis is marvelous!!!"
Having access to Atlantis and all its facilities is a huge perk and seeing all the fabulous yachts parked in the harbor is pretty amazing.
"I visited..."03/15/2018
"I visited..."
I would like to recommend this property. Great Family Vacation.
"I went to adventure water park"03/15/2018
"I went to adventure water park"
The water park is amazing for all ages !! You can spend the whole day there and never get bored
"The only place that can compete with Disney for kids, but better!"03/14/2018
"The only place that can compete with Disney for kids, but better!"
I recommend staying at the resort and spending your time on property. There is so much to do from the movie theater, to the Dig which is an underground aquarium throughout the property to the fantastic restaurant within and across the street. The water features are amazing, nothing like the U.S. water parks. Fun for adults and kids, but unlike Disney adults can relax and not run all day. Great for families of all ages. The Harbor side is also great for families if they have availability
"I visited here with my kids"03/14/2018
"I visited here with my kids"
This water park is amazing for all ages. Hours of fun. Great variety for those who want a calm experience as well as those who want more excitement!
"I visited Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis and it was a gas!"03/14/2018
"I visited Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis and it was a gas!"
I would like to recommend that you stay and play at the Atlantis as much as possible. There are multiple beaches for swimming, many good choices for dining and great fun to be had for all ages in the water adventures.
Vistana Community Member
"I visited the water park and rode the Tiver rapids tubes"03/14/2018
"I visited the water park and rode the Tiver rapids tubes"
The experience was fun.we were at Harborside for 14 days. we rode the Rive Tubes daily. The staff made it fun and also safe. The lifeguards were sometimes in the water with us.
"adventure waterpark"03/14/2018
"adventure waterpark"
the dolphin swim
"Best waterpark in the Caribbean."03/14/2018
"Best waterpark in the Caribbean."
The waterpark was a lot of fun for the whole family. There were rides for all ages and the slide down the side of the pyramid was awesome then you are underwater in a tube in the aquarium. No other waterpark has that feature.
"I have been visiting Atlantis for the past 22 years"03/14/2018
"I have been visiting Atlantis for the past 22 years"
I never get bored. As a matter of fact we were just there in December and are going back in April. We love this place, the people and the overall facility and what it offers. Our kids are grown now, but we still come.
"Visit to Harborside at Atlantid"03/14/2018
"Visit to Harborside at Atlantid"
What a fabulous December vacation. The resort stay was wonderful. So much to do and so little time. We cannot wait to go back!
"We visit Harborside every year and it never fails to disappoint!"03/14/2018
"We visit Harborside every year and it never fails to disappoint!"
Love the Aquaventure at Atlantis. My kids are always last ones off the rapids and know all the lifeguards! Cannot wait to go back....42 days and counting!
"I visit yearly"03/14/2018
"I visit yearly"
the water park activities are amazing and keep kids entertained all day!!
"Lots of fun"03/14/2018
"Lots of fun"
Enjoyable for all ages
"Waterpark and swimming with dolphins and sea lions"03/14/2018
"Waterpark and swimming with dolphins and sea lions"
The swimming with dolphins and sea lions was the absolutely BEST experience of my daughters life. She will NEVER forget those experiences we shared together. Double tube rides were also a hit. Atlantis is AMAZING and memories are forever
"my brother and I went to the water park"03/14/2018
"my brother and I went to the water park"
I would like to recommend the water slides, they were great
"The Bahamas"03/08/2018
"The Bahamas"
Great Adventure vacation
Great fun for all. The prooerty is amazing and the waterpark is fantastic. With the thrills of the watetslides to the relaxing by the pools or beach.
"Harborside at Atlantis"03/08/2018
"Harborside at Atlantis"
Water park, the beautiful casino and all the great restaurants
"I visited the Leap of Faith"03/07/2018
"I visited the Leap of Faith"
It is a must do at the Atlantis. It is frightening but all you have to remember while you are about to drop is all you have to fear is fear itself and keep your eyes shut!
"Endless fun"02/20/2018
"Endless fun"
I would like to recommend renting or owning a Timeshare at Harborside ! So convenient having a washer and dryer and a kitchen. So economical having the convenience of eating leisurely home made breakfasts, making lunches for poolside and even leisurely dinners, if you want. 2 large TVs make it easy for the family to watch their favorite movies or shows. The sleeper sofas are new with comfy mattresses. Love relaxing on the balcony in the morning and at nite.
"MR RS"02/14/2018
Vistana Community Member
"Fun for Everyone!"02/13/2018
"Fun for Everyone!"
Everyone in the family will find something they love to do at Aquaventure water park. The slides are awesome. There are so many pool areas and racing on the tube is a blast. The life guards make sure everyone stays safe. We started going when our kids were 8 and 10 and Now they are 16 and 18 and still love going.
"Water fun"02/12/2018
"Water fun"
The water park and slides are fun for all ages. Adds adventure to ypur day and also can relax by the pool.
"Challenger slides"02/10/2018
"Challenger slides"
Water parks swim with the Dolphins
I would recommend harborside at the Atlantis
"Aquaventure Fun For All Ages"02/08/2018
"Aquaventure Fun For All Ages"
I would highly recommend spending much of your time at the Aquaventure Water Park when staying at Harborside Atlantis. Most of the areas are completely accessible as my wife was in a wheelchair much of the time. The shuttles were very accommodating also. We came here with 9 in our group with ages from 4 to 66. There is something for everyone there to enjoy themselves.
I would recommend the water park at Atlantis. Its fun for the whole family. Whether you are looking for thrilling slides, a lazy river, or fun with the kids this place has it all. Did I mention you can slide through sharks too!
Vistana Community Member
"Bets water fun ever!"02/08/2018
"Bets water fun ever!"
So much to see and do. Float down the lazy river and detour to the rapids if you choose. So many different water slides for all ages and levels of adventure. Beautifully landscaped with lush greenery, bridges and waterfalls. See turtles, rays and sharks up close. So many beautiful pools to choose from. Relaxing and peaceful.
"Atlantis resort"02/08/2018
"Atlantis resort"
Best lazy river ever
"Atlantis Waterpark"02/08/2018
"Atlantis Waterpark"
I would recommend the Aquaventure waterpark . There is something there for all ages. A must do when you are at Harborside.
"Fun in the sun"02/08/2018
"Fun in the sun"
The perfect vacation to bring your family! Great food, entertainment and of course adventure. We swam with the dolphins, eat great food with wonderful service and then went to the casino for gaming.
"Raging Rapids"02/08/2018
"Raging Rapids"
Our favorite ride at the waterpark was the raging rapids. We all took numerous trips on the rapids every day during our stay at the Atlantis
"Water park"02/08/2018
"Water park"
Great fun for the whole family
"Leap of Faith"02/08/2018
"Leap of Faith"
Although intimidating to watch and look down from the top, The Leap of Faith slide is a great rush!!! It is so fast that it ends before you can get know it. Very addictive and cannot wait to return in 2019 to ride this again.
Great Adventure for everyone, Had a one year old that loved everything about this place. Rapid River is worth coming back for all on its own..
"Robert WReese"02/08/2018
"Robert WReese"
Kids as well as adults love it.
"Awesome Fun!"02/07/2018
"Awesome Fun!"
I would recommend this fun activity. Love the rapids and water slides and the best part the water is warm. Will be back May 2018.
One of the most amazing water park destination in the world. We have been here several times. It has something for all ages. So much fun and great memories.

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