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The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort

Boulevard Kukulcán Km 12.5 Lt 18 Zona Hotelera, Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico

Phone: 52-998-891-4200 | Check in: 4 p.m. | Check out: 10 a.m.

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Things to do | Baby Sea Turtle Release

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The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Villas is the perfect spot to witness a spectacular display of one of Mother Nature’s gifts.

During sea turtle nesting season, resort lifeguards patrol the beach each morning searching for the natural nests made by mother sea turtles the night before. When they are found, the lifeguards carefully remove the eggs and take them to a securely fenced area where the FUN Team cares for and watches over them. A sign documents the nest date, estimated hatching date and species of turtle.

The Mexican Caribbean is an important nesting area for green, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles. In fact, seven of the world’s eight species of sea turtles inhabit Mexican waters and lay their eggs on the nation’s beaches. Sea turtles can lay three times a year and average 100 eggs each time.

When they are ready to hatch, the baby turtles are helped out of their eggshells and loved until nightfall — the optimal time to release them. Once the sun sets, you’ll be invited to take part in an experience of a lifetime by witnessing these tiny turtles make their way to the ocean’s edge.

Turtle season begins in May and winds down in November.

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Community Recommends
31 Recommendations
Please note, these recommendations are the subjective opinion of the Vistana Community Members and not of Vistana Signature Experiences, Inc.
"Memorable evening for the family"01/08/2019
"Memorable evening for the family"
What a memorable time. There were not a lot of babies ready to be released so there were only a few of us. It was something our family will never forget!
"Released on beach"03/17/2018
"Released on beach"
I would recommend to anyone who loves animals and nature.
"Turtle Launch"03/15/2018
"Turtle Launch"
You must go and help the little turtles get to Sea after they are hatched. You will not regret!
"I visited the Westin Lagunamar where they released baby turtles"03/15/2018
"I visited the Westin Lagunamar where they released baby turtles"
Staying at the hotel provided an opportunity to see the baby turtles as they hatch and watch them get released.
"We fell in Love with Westin Lagunamar Resort!"03/15/2018
"We fell in Love with Westin Lagunamar Resort!"
We love this property. It is extremely relaxing and fun. The units are very nice, and the pools are great. We had the opportunity to participate in the Baby Sea Turtle Release. It was crowded even though it was the off season, so my husband step back to allow others to participate. I got a very cute and excited little turtle. We all waited till instructed to release them to the sea. I prayed over my sweet little turtle that it would complete its new adventure into the big wide sea.
"Baby Turtles"03/15/2018
"Baby Turtles"
Releasing the baby turtles was so much fun! This is a good activity for young and old alike. The Westin Lagunamar made an enjoyable presentation for this activity!
"Baby Sea Turtle Release"03/15/2018
"Baby Sea Turtle Release"
This was very interested. The little turtles were sooo cute trying to make their way to the ocean Great for kins
"We have visited 11 times"03/15/2018
"We have visited 11 times"
Highly recommend. Love it they are like family
"Turtle fun"03/15/2018
"Turtle fun"
We visited in early Dec and had the pleasure of helping with the baby turtle release.
Vistana Community Member
"Westin Lagunamar at Cancun"03/15/2018
"Westin Lagunamar at Cancun"
I would highly recommend participating in the baby turtle release on the beach. It was spectacular watching those tiny turtles paddle their way into the water. And there were so many! Fun for all ages.
"Sea Turtle Release at Westin Lagunamar in Cancun"03/14/2018
"Sea Turtle Release at Westin Lagunamar in Cancun"
A family reunion with a Rotary International, Mexican foreign exchange student and her family was highlighted by the nighttime, hands on release of baby sea turtles into the azure waters of the ocean. A beautiful and meaningful family oriented activity that we will not soon forget.
"Swim little turtle swim!!!"03/14/2018
"Swim little turtle swim!!!"
A once in a lifetime experience being able to take a baby sea turtle in the palm of your hand and setting it into the beautiful carribean ocean to release it hoping that one day it will return to the very spot you released it to come back and bear a new future generation of sea turtles.
"Baby Sea Turtle Release SPECTACULAR!"03/14/2018
"Baby Sea Turtle Release SPECTACULAR!"
The Westin Lagunamar is absolutely the best. In addition to pure white fine sand beaches and deep turquoise water, being there when the baby turtles are released is amazing. Guests line up and are handed their baby and then instructed on how to release them. If there are enough babies each guest can release more than one. As you release them into the surf, you cannot walk away too quickly or they will follow you on the sand. You feel jubilation when you see your baby riding the surf!
Getting your kids and grandkids to the turtle release!
"Lagunamar is simply the BEST"03/14/2018
"Lagunamar is simply the BEST"
The people at this resort are the most professional, courteous, and friendly you will ever meet
"Westin laguna mar"03/14/2018
"Westin laguna mar"
The resort was great for my kids
"Baby Sea Turtle Release at Lagunamar in October last year."03/07/2018
"Baby Sea Turtle Release at Lagunamar in October last year."
One morning, we checked out all the activity between the roped areas on the beach. The staff was digging up baby turtles helping them to the surface and placing them in big coolers. Later in the day the lifeguards told us the tides were correct and we could go help release them. We were handed wiggling baby turtles, holding them by the sides only. We waded through the surf to release them before the birds could swoop in to eat them!! Another great day at Lagunamar!
"Watching the release of Baby Sea Turtles is the most amazing thing..."03/07/2018
"Watching the release of Baby Sea Turtles is the most amazing thing..."
We planned a late summer trip to Cancun, and by our surprise, we witnessed the birth of many sets of Baby Sea Turtles all up and down the beach! They are small and fragile and it is necessary that we continue to support their existence in our world! Seeing this occur is magical and it is a MUST DO if you can schedule a trip around late Sept to early Oct. for this experience! We are owners in Hawaii on 2 different islands and you will never see this... there!!
"Turtles be FREE!!"02/13/2018
"Turtles be FREE!!"
Our family released baby turtles into the ocean. It was an amazing moment as we set the baby turtle on the sand and watched it crawl through the sand and into the ocean. It was something we will remember forever. Great experience and I highly recommend it.
"One of the most memorable experiences"02/12/2018
"One of the most memorable experiences"
We were at the Westin Lagunamar in August and got he opportunity to take part in the release of the baby sea turtles. I saw a momma turtle lay eggs the night before and it was so amazing to witness. And then the next night to witness these beautiful babies realized at the oceans edge and given to opportunity to grow and flourish in the ocean was truly spectacular. The naturalists at the resort were thoughtful and considerate in the treatment of these tiny creatures. Thanks for the experience.
"Save the Turtles"02/10/2018
"Save the Turtles"
Saving the turtles. Participating in the release of baby turtles is such a wonderful experience. Well informed naturalist are available to teach you all you need to know about turtle conservation.
"Amazing experience"02/09/2018
"Amazing experience"
You cannot miss this experience when you stay a Westin Lagunamar. The first time we stayed at this resort about 3 years ago, my daughter, then 9, shared that this was an experience of a lifetime.
"Sea turtle release"02/09/2018
"Sea turtle release"
Was an unexpected surprise to be there when the turtles hatched and later released. It was most informative as to how the eggs are dug up and replanted in a protected area until they hatch. The activists that protect them were very interactive with the guests during the hatching and answered all our questions. It is a great memory for us.
"baby sea turtle release"02/08/2018
"baby sea turtle release"
I would recommend this experience especially if you have children with you.
"Once in a lifetime experience"02/08/2018
"Once in a lifetime experience"
A highly recommended experience for the entire family. It was such an overwhelming experience, that our 7yr old son broke down in tears as the baby turtles made their way to the water!
My children loved this
"Baby Sea Turtle Release"02/08/2018
"Baby Sea Turtle Release"
This was amazing. Not only did my two boys love it, Mom and Dad also were able to participate in this once in a lifetime event. So amazing for the boys. My pictures are priceless and an everlasting memory for all of us!
"Kids will love it!"02/08/2018
"Kids will love it!"
We enjoy this activity with the kids every time we visit the kids love interacting with sea turtles and best part it is free
"Turtle Release"02/07/2018
"Turtle Release"
Loved this activity where we lined up to release little new born turtles. My wife and I had so much fun and was filled with hope to see it survive. Highly recommend it, specially with kids
"Baby Sea Turtle Release"02/07/2018
"Baby Sea Turtle Release"
This was such an exciting activity. The staff at the resort did a nice presentation and then we all got a baby turtle to release into the ocean. It was very cool and we talk of it often when we discuss our vacation experience with friends and family.
"Turtle release"02/07/2018
"Turtle release"
It was touching and beautiful

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