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The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort

Boulevard Kukulcán Km 12.5 Lt 18 Zona Hotelera, Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico

Phone: 52-998-891-4200 | Check in: 4 p.m. | Check out: 10 a.m.

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Concierge Recommends | Chichén Itzá

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50 Recommendations

Experience this epic historic site.

Get ready to put a big checkmark on your bucket list! While visiting The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort, a trip to Chichén Itzá is a must-do. These Mayan ruins are home to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the Kukulcan pyramid, or El Castillo. People from all over the world travel to this ancient religious and cultural hub to gaze upon the massive stepped pyramids and stately temples. You'll be transported back through the history of Mexico as you take in the detailed architecture that dates back to 750 AD.

For a truly unforgettable experience, I recommend visiting the ruins on either equinox (March 21 or Sept. 21). Be there at 3 p.m. to see the sunlight shine on the pyramid's north side, creating seven triangles of light and shadow — giving shape to the body of a slithering serpent! Contact us today so we can help you plan your visit to one of the most historically significant sites in Mexico.

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Community Recommends
50 Recommendations
Please note, these recommendations are the subjective opinion of the Vistana Community Members and not of Vistana Signature Experiences, Inc.
"Visit the remnants of a lost civilization."03/21/2018
"Visit the remnants of a lost civilization."
I would like to recommend the tour guides recommended by the Westin LGM two years ago. We got a whole Ford Transit van to ourselves with a driver and a guide for the whole day. And it was for a very agreeable price. We also visited a Mayan market, the sinkholes, motor toured a genuine Mayan town, and climbed a pyramid at another location. Wish their business card in my wallet, had survived my cloths washer, so I could mention the guide by name. We were close to exhausted by the end day.
"Chichen Itza"03/20/2018
"Chichen Itza"
I would recommend a a full day of family fun.
"I visited Chichen Itza."03/15/2018
"I visited Chichen Itza."
I would like to recommend that you visit but not with toddlers.
"Chichen Itza"03/15/2018
"Chichen Itza"
The Lagunamar concierge set up this tour, which was excellent and included transportation and lunch. I strongly recommend having the resort set this up as opposed to trying it on your own.
"I visited this marvelous ruin"03/15/2018
"I visited this marvelous ruin"
I would highly recommend this as a must see location. Very educational and just fabulous
"Family visited Chichen Itza for special exploration"03/15/2018
"Family visited Chichen Itza for special exploration"
Special place to explore and image what it was like so long ago. All the building, pond, and roadways were fantastic to walk.
"We visited in April, so much history"03/15/2018
"We visited in April, so much history"
Make sure to take an umbrella and lots of water
"Must See this wonder of the modern world"03/15/2018
"Must See this wonder of the modern world"
We enjoyed a stupendous day onsite. The excursion is definitely worth a day
"Fascinating Chichen Itza"03/15/2018
"Fascinating Chichen Itza"
I definitely recommend visiting Chichen Itza on a private tour with a Mayan guide. I learned more in 6 hours about the Mayan culture and the unusual features of the Great Temple than I had in my whole life before.
Vistana Community Member
"The Temple and Grounds were Awesome"03/14/2018
"The Temple and Grounds were Awesome"
Rich with history and beautiful to take in. I highly recommend this sightseeing tour.
"Chichen Itza"03/14/2018
"Chichen Itza"
A great experience
"I visited Chichen Itza"03/14/2018
"I visited Chichen Itza"
I would like to recommend a day trip to Chichen Itza. Being able to reach out and touch the temples, playing fields, and other assorted ruins of this ancient Mayan city brought world history to life for my son and daughter. The majesty of this ancient city was overwhelming.
"This is A Must! This is a Must!"03/14/2018
"This is A Must! This is a Must!"
It is too bad that people ruined it so others cannot climb it anymore, but its so nice to see it and its history. I think it was the best part of my vacation to Cancun, other than the resort, as the resort was fantastic, had alot of fun and hope to return again soon with grandkids
"Chichen Itza Wow!"03/14/2018
"Chichen Itza Wow!"
this was a good one day immersion into this culture. Our teenage boys enjoyed it as well
"I visited Chichen Itza."03/14/2018
"I visited Chichen Itza."
I would recommend this ancient site for its history and structure that are still available to see. My wife and I took a tour that picked us up at the hotel, drove us to the site and guided us through the ruins explaining the history of the Mayan culture. We were provided food and drinks on the bus ride and lunch after the tour. We had a very informative tour and the whole day was unbelievable.
"I visites Chichen Itza"03/14/2018
"I visites Chichen Itza"
It is a beautiful cultural place to learn about mayan culture
"All ages fun!!"03/14/2018
"All ages fun!!"
Concierge Jonathan arranged a wonderful day trip to Chichen Itza and Cenote Maya on a 14 seat bus. Our 4 kids range in age from 6 to 17 and it was an absolutely perfect outing for all of us! Highly recommend combo of history, culture, and action adventure. Really unique and memorable day.
"Took the VIP Bus Tour"03/14/2018
"Took the VIP Bus Tour"
Wow what a great trip. The bus was clean and air conditioned and had booze. Chichen Itza was really cool to visit. Highly recommend it. Wear good walking shoes.
"Chichen Itza"03/14/2018
"Chichen Itza"
This is a magical place.
"Chichen Itza"03/14/2018
"Chichen Itza"
I highly recommend doing a private tour. You have truly fun, informed and wonderful guides who take you through history. A pyramid is a bucket list type of adventure and our small group not only got to see Chichen Itza before the crowds, but had time in the day to visit a Cenote to cool off before venturing on to another active pyramid site. Our guides stopped at a real Mayan descendant gift shop where we were blessed with a small shell necklace before proceeding on our trip.
"I visited"03/14/2018
"I visited"
I would like to reccomend this wonderful place
"Visited last year."03/14/2018
"Visited last year."
Get and excursion and visit pyramids. Amazing trip. Need a lot sun blocker.
Convenient from Cancun, and a place to see to get a flavour about Maya history and culture... To be seen in the morning, before it gets crowded
Vistana Community Member
"visited chichenitza"03/07/2018
"visited chichenitza"
great tour and local artifacts
"I visited CHICHEN ITZA"03/07/2018
"I visited CHICHEN ITZA"
I would like to recomended The Ruins of Chichen Itza, are impressive, too Beautiful, as it is too hot you must bring umbrella and water.
"We visited Chichen Itza with a tour guide in 2017"03/07/2018
"We visited Chichen Itza with a tour guide in 2017"
We recommend going with a tour guide who can explained the history of the site and the people around the area. Very interesting and worth the time to go from Cancun,
Loved all the information on tha ancient civilization! Excellent guides and beautiful scenery and loved the artisans.
Vistana Community Member
"A great big BUCKET LIST trip"02/14/2018
"A great big BUCKET LIST trip"
I would highly recommend Chichen Itza as a destination venue while in Mexico. The ruins are amazing but learning more about the Mayan civilization is not to be missed. Our tour guide was excellent and while it was a 12 hour day from Cancun, it was well worth the trip.
"Where are we from"02/13/2018
"Where are we from"
This is an amazing place. You will question where we came from and where we are going to. Must see.
Vistana Community Member
"World Heritage Pyramid Chichen Itza"02/13/2018
"World Heritage Pyramid Chichen Itza"
Book with your resort concierge for the Chichen Itza bus tour. The bus pick you up at the resort, provides breakfast on the bus, stops for a mexican lunch at a local restaurant near the pyramid, gives a guided tour complete with umbrellas to shield you from the heat and has plenty of beverages. The pyramid is a marvelous wonder. No one is allowed to climb the chicken itza anymore because of prior accidental deaths. The cenote trip after is great too! Dinner and tequila on the way home seals it!
"Cultural emersion"02/11/2018
"Cultural emersion"
The tour to Chichen Itza was a once in a life time expierience. It was amazing to see history come to life. To learn about the Milan culture in school and then see it first hand closed a lot of knowledge gaps for me and my family. Ii is a sight to be hold by all.
"Chichen Itza"02/11/2018
"Chichen Itza"
Great place to visit while in Cancun
"Great Day Trip"02/10/2018
"Great Day Trip"
Recommended and arranged by resort concierge. All day private tour that included Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and Cenotes. Driver and tour guide were great. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Lunch at a local restaurant was also included at your cost. It was fabulous. Great food at a reasonable price.
"historic walk"02/10/2018
"historic walk"
excellent tour for those who like to visit ruins and like history
"chicen itza"02/09/2018
"chicen itza"
One of the most wonderful sites i have ever been
"Amazing cultural experience"02/09/2018
"Amazing cultural experience"
I highly recommend the Chichen Itza trip. The bus service with breakfast, drinks along the way, the tour of this amazing ancient city and the lunch at a local restaurant on the way back made this a memorable experience. I would even do this a second time in order to have more time at the museum and the buildings.
"tony ricca"02/09/2018
"tony ricca"
great cultural experience.
I would highly recommend booking a private tour through the Concierge rather than one of the big bus tours. Only slightly more per person and way more enjoyable. We have done it both ways
Not for little kids. Long day but amazing. What there were able to do 1000 years ago. Mind blowing. Ask about the snake shadow. Find the tour that takes you swimming in the cenote. Great way to finish.
Vistana Community Member
"Mayan History and Culture"02/08/2018
"Mayan History and Culture"
I would like to recommend this trip for everyone. It is about a one and a half bus ride from the resort. You will truly enjoy the scenery and the the knowledge gained from interacting with the people there. The trip also includes a buffet luncheon on the return trip. Also included in the tour is a trip to the underground river.
"CHICHEN ITZA"02/08/2018
We learned quite a bit about the history and culture of the area.
"Awe inspiring!!"02/08/2018
"Awe inspiring!!"
We took a private tour of Chichen Itza with Ocean Tours of Cancun. A private tour is the way to go. We got there early with a private guide and avoided the big crowds. You just soak up the energy and the history of the place.
"Amazing site to see"02/08/2018
"Amazing site to see"
Definitely one of the best visits we made to historical sites. worth the trip for sure
"Interesting Day"02/08/2018
"Interesting Day"
We did a combination Chichen Itza and Cenote combination tour booked through the resort. Very organized and interesting. We even rappelled into the Cenote!
"Day trip to Chichen itza"02/08/2018
"Day trip to Chichen itza"
Highly recommend taking the trip to see the pyramids at Chichen Itza.
"Day trip"02/08/2018
"Day trip"
Very enlightening and enjoyable
Private driver to chichenitza. You can stay as long as you want and can customize you trip to suit your needs
"A wonderful outing"02/08/2018
"A wonderful outing"
Chichen ITZA, enjoy a wonderful day visiting the ancient Maya site considered pre Columbian city. The site exhibits a multitude of architectural styles, reminiscent of Mexican culture dating back to 600bc. This tour option was coordinated by our Concierge The day long tour was exceptional along with stops for shopping and swimming. Another option is to book a personal driver and tailor the tour to meet your individual needs.
"Great family day trip"02/07/2018
"Great family day trip"
We loved this day trip recommended by the fabulous Westin concierge Jonathan, which also included a trip to Cenote Maya. Our kids range in age from 6 to 17, and we all had a great time. Perfect mixture of touristy active adventure and culture and history.
This was a private booked tour as we were 8 family members on vacation. Our guide had PhD in Mexican history making the trip unforgettable! He shared historical as well as personal information and stories he knew not only about the site itself but on places we passed along the way there and the way home. We all want to return and book with Mayan Adventures thanks to their professionalism. High recommend!!

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