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The Westin St. John Resort Villas

300A Chocolate Hole, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands 00831, United States

Phone: 340-693-8000 | Check in: 4 p.m. | Check out: 10 a.m.

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Paradise at the water’s edge

National parkland makes up about 2/3 of the island of St. John and has resulted in an almost endless offering of pristine beaches. Some are sought-after tourist destinations teeming with adventure, while others are quiet, pristine paradises off the beaten path.

When you think of St. John, most likely you’re seeing an image of the most photographed beach, Trunk Bay beach. More than a quarter-mile long, this beautiful white-sand beach was voted one of the top ten beaches in the world by Condé Nast Traveler. Visitors from around the world come to snorkel the underwater trail featuring placards that provide information about the coral and wildlife. A snack bar and grill, souvenir shop and showers are also on site.

Waterlemon Cay/Leinster Bay is the No. 1 snorkeling destination on St. John and was voted the No. 1 St. John Adventure by TripAdvisor. A short hike along a narrow wooded trail will lead you to the sandy beach and water’s edge. The clear water will showcase an abundance of fish, rays, turtles, conch and a plethora of colorful coral formations.

Cinnamon Bay is the largest and longest stretch of beach on St. John. Because of this there are endless water adventures to more than fill a day of fun for everyone. Some areas offer calmer waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling, while others produce swells and beckon surfers to play. Very few boats come through the area, making it ideal for watersports.

This is just a small sampling of the most popular beaches of St. John, but there are many more to explore along the north, south and east ends of the island. Each is beautiful and distinctive in its own way. For a complete beach guide, please ask your Concierge for more information, an area map and transportation options.

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Community Recommends
16 Recommendations
Please note, these recommendations are the subjective opinion of the Vistana Community Members and not of Vistana Signature Experiences, Inc.
"Maho Bay"03/19/2018
"Maho Bay"
Of course, everybody knows and goes to TRUNK BAY but if you like less people, less taxi buses and more natural beauty, go to Cinnamon Bay or even Maho Bay, where there are usually some sea turtles, coconut palm trees on the beach, or stay at Trunk Bay until everybody is gone or arrive early before everybody comes and then switch to a quieter beach!
"Francis Bay"03/19/2018
"Francis Bay"
You are almost guaranteed to find sea turtles when snorkeling at Francis Bay.
"Beach Escape"03/15/2018
"Beach Escape"
Beautiful beaches, so relaxing and outstanding experience.
All of the beaches on the north shore of St. Johns are amazing but Trunk and Cinnamon Bay are our favorites due to clean restrooms and showers.
"Cinnamon bay"03/15/2018
"Cinnamon bay"
Spending the day there. Buy or bring your lunch.
"I visited the Westin,St.John"03/14/2018
"I visited the Westin,St.John"
I would like to recommend the catamaran trips out to BVI.
Vistana Community Member
"Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay"03/14/2018
"Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay"
We were there in Late September 2016 and some of the Shops were shut down because the staff had gone back to the States for a break in the tourist season. We went to the beaches on a daily basis and would rarely see anyone there at this point prior to busy season opening back up again. Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay were absolutely amazing and we had to ourselves for the most part. Snorkeling was excellent since the Sealife was more comfortable with less people there.
"Beaches of ST. John"03/14/2018
"Beaches of ST. John"
We visited several beaches. Francis, Maho, Trunk Bay, Hawksnest and our favorite Oppenheimer. Peaceful and fantastic snorkeling. Loved it!
Beautiful, quiet beach with great snorkeling. Just sit back and relax.
"There is no bad choice here!"03/06/2018
"There is no bad choice here!"
Every beach on the island is a piece of paradise.
"Barely touched paradise"02/12/2018
"Barely touched paradise"
I loved everything about my trip to St. John but one thing that stood out was the Virgin Islands National Park that includes the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument and some of the most amazing beaches I have seen. Rent a jeep and tour the island and see Coral Bay, Cruz Bay and Central VI and spend some time on the various breathtaking beaches.
Each beach is simply breath taking and they feel like your very own private oasis. The water is amazing and each beach offers great snorkeling and a relaxing atmoshere.
"Breathtaking beaches beauty"02/09/2018
"Breathtaking beaches beauty"
All the beaches in the island are beautiful and enjoyable. It is paradise!
"Hawksnest Beach US VIs recommendation"02/08/2018
"Hawksnest Beach US VIs recommendation"
I would like to recommend Hawksnest beach on St John. Its waters are calm, it is easy to get to and there are areas to picnic there. Good for families with small toddlers due to the calm waters.
"Great Fun"02/08/2018
"Great Fun"
Visit the beaches for great snorkeling and sun. We always spend plenty of time on the beaches of St John
"turtle beach"02/08/2018
"turtle beach"
Snorkel right at the shore line and see huge turtles. So many amazing beaches in St.John

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