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Hawaiian Dance Performance
Welina i Hawaiʻi

"Welcome to Hawai‘i." Few places in the world are as idyllic as the islands of Hawai‘i. Her incomparable beauty must be seen to truly be believed: flowing waterfalls, sparkling rainbows, lush mountain peaks and sprawling green valleys. Each of the islands has a different personality and offers its own distinct experience.

Welina me ke aloha

"Greetings with love." Welcome to Hawai‘i, a place that is so much more than a gorgeous escape; it’s an essence. To Hawaiians, aloha means more than just hello, goodbye and love — for them, it’s a philosophy of life. The spirit of aloha lives within Hawaiʻi and her people, and this mana (energy) is evident throughout all of the islands.

Wherever you go in Hawai‘i, you’ll feel the expression of aloha.

The mesmerizing beauty of the hula tells the story of Hawaiian culture through graceful movements and hand gestures. Ukuleles and slack-key guitars create the unforgettable Hawaiian sound. The people are warm and hospitable, instantly welcoming all visitors. Once you’ve been to the islands, you’re considered ‘ohana (family).