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10 Fun In-Villa Family Games

After a long day of adventure, unwind and recharge with these fun family games you can play from the comfort of your villa.

Design Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Parents, create a list of objects around your villa or the resort and send the kids off on a quest.

Build a Blanket Fort

Redefine comfort by taking all the cushy pillows and blankets and creating a blanket fort. Cuddle underneath and read a book, watch TV or even take a nap.

Play Ninja

Can you get across the room or the hallway without anyone seeing you? No need to disturb the other guests, because the object of the game is to stay totally silent.

Make Towel Animals

Your resort’s plush towels can be used for more than drying off. Look up online how-to videos of fun animals and shapes to make with your towels, then give them quirky names!

Pictionary or Charades

These family favorites make for hours of fun. Whether you’re drawing or acting it out, the classic guessing game always sparks the imagination.

Create Your Own Café

Your villa is fully equipped with all the kitchen tools you need for your very own tea party! Let the kids help set up the table just like an old-fashioned café.

Have a Photoshoot and Fashion Show

Ready to show off your brand new souvenirs or fun apparel from your travels? Lay out blankets like a runway and hold your very own fashion show and photoshoot.

Chat with the Staff

Your resort’s friendly staff come from all over the world and have intriguing stories and experiences they’d love to share with you. Get to know the people who help make your stay unforgettable.

Waste Basket Basketball

Shoot some hoops and perfect your jump shot by setting up obstacle courses in your room to maneuver while swishing into the basket. Develop your own point system and teams for a real challenge.


Get your creative juices flowing by making some vacation-inspired crafts. Beaded jewelry, using sand as glitter, and creating drawings of your favorite vacation memories are just a few crafty ideas and make for truly heartfelt souvenirs.