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5 Easy Smartphone Vacation Photo Tips

Take the best vacation photos with ease, and without expensive or bulky equipment. Here’s how:

Enjoying a holiday is all about living in the moment, but we all want to capture those great vacation pictures to save and share. Follow these simple tips to take good pictures on your phone, without all the fuss.

1. Anticipate the Moment

On vacation, great moments can happen so fast that it can be easy to miss that perfect photo opportunity. But, you can still be prepared to catch that critical shot and capture your subject’s quick movements:

  • Set your smartphone’s camera to Autofocus so it can “predict” where the subject will be and continually
    refocus automatically.
  • If you have the option, set your camera to a fast shutter speed to avoid blurriness.
  • Shoot first and think later. You might capture some of your best, most genuine shots when you just have fun and keep on snapping; and with digital, you’re free to take all the photos you want.

2. Use Your Smartphone Like a High-End Camera

Nearly all smartphones have good-to-great quality cameras already built in. And most importantly, they’re always with you, so they’re perfect for those unexpected or candid shots. Here’s a few photography tips to get the most from your phone’s camera:

  • Learn the camera’s quick access option (usually a slidable button or home screen icon) for the quickest, on-the-fly camera access.
  • Watch out for fingerprints and other gunk dirtying up the camera lens.
  • Avoid low light by shooting in the brightest conditions, with light on your subject.
  • Keep the phone steady by using the volume buttons on the side to snap the photo, or look for something sturdy to act as a makeshift tripod (like a fence post or a park bench) to rest it on.

3. Use the Rule of Thirds

Engaging photos are ones that have unique compositions. Digital Trends says to try these easy “Rule of Thirds” techniques to get a visually appealing shot:

  • Envision two vertical and two horizontal lines equally spaced, creating a grid of nine boxes. According to Gizmodo, many digital cameras and phone cameras have this as a display option.
  • Place the subject on or near intersections of the grid, instead of directly in the middle of the frame.
  • For moving subjects, it’s a good idea to leave more space in front of them than behind, to show where they’re going.

4. Pick Your Point of Interest

The subject is the most important part of a great photo. If it catches your eye, then it will probably catch the attention of the viewer. Here’s how to select your point of interest and focus in on it:

  • Stay focused on the point of interest in the composition so the viewer’s eye knows where to go. Your point of interest should be off center so to create a focal point.
  • Don’t forget faces. The photos of family and friends are the ones you’ll remember the most. Take plenty of
  • Avoid other elements that clash with the subject so as not to detract from the main focus of your photo.
  • Try interesting angles, like getting down on the ground when capturing children and animals, or standing on a chair or raised surface to get a wide shot of your subject.

5. The Most Important Tip:

Relax and have fun, you’re on vacation! Once you’ve got your great photos, share the pictures with fellow travelers like you on the Vistana Vacation Gallery.