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Introducing Abound by Marriott Vacations™

See More Than Ever Before

Get access to even more resorts and destinations with Abound.

Your vacation life is about to get even better.

The Vistana Signature Network® (VSN) has affiliated with the Abound by Marriott Vacations™ exchange program.

Through your membership in the VSN®, you will soon have more direct access to Marriott Vacation Club® resorts and thousands of unique travel experiences — all using the shared vacation currency of Club Points.

This new program will revolutionize the way you travel. So how will it work? What is new and what stays the same for you? Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about the Abound exchange program.

What’s new?

Through Abound, you can look forward to more direct access to Marriott Vacation Club resorts and properties. The usage option to elect to receive Club Points will give you access across an expanded collection of resorts and city properties around the globe. Plus, you can explore thousands more of the world’s best travel experiences. And you’ll enjoy even more benefits and savings at your new Owner benefit level.

The program aims to offer more value with villa rental discounts and last-minute points reservations. In addition, you can look forward to great simplicity and savings with consolidated Club Dues.*

The ability to elect to receive Club Points and make reservations at Marriott Vacation Club resorts using the Abound by Marriott Vacations exchange program is expected to be functional by year end, for reservations beginning with the 2023 Use Year. Owners will be notified when transactions in Abound are available.

What Stays the Same?

You will still have access to Vistana Signature Network resorts, where you can take advantage of all the benefits you love, including:

  • The ability to enjoy your Home Resort Reservation Period
  • The usage options in the Vistana Signature Network
  • Convert to Marriott Bonvoy® points
  • Opt to exchange through Interval International®

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What Should I Do Next?
To explore more Abound by Marriott Vacations, including answers to frequently asked questions, your new Owner benefit levels and Club Point election value, helpful videos, and a directory of Marriott Vacation Club resorts, visit your Owner website.

By Mike Judy and Tyler Bohlman

* The term “Club Dues” refers to either Exchange Company Dues (for Owners in the Abound by Marriott Vacations exchange program) or Club Dues/Network Membership Fees (for members of the Vistana Signature Network). Club Dues encompass fees you currently pay a la carte, including your VSN fee, Interval International membership and internal exchange fees, conversion to Marriott Bonvoy points, reservation cancellation and rebooking fees, and more — all beginning with your 2023 Use Year.

Certain Owners who may be able to opt out will not receive the Abound by Marriott Vacations exchange opportunity or consolidated a la carte fees but will still be required to pay VSN Network Membership Fees and separate a la carte transaction fees.