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Ownership 101: Using Interval Exchange

Visit Different Destinations

Discover a new vacation destination with Interval International.

One of the best things about being a Vistana Signature Network® member is the chance revisit your favorite destinations. But unforgettable vacations don’t just happen in one place; there’s a whole world of adventures to discover. If you’re looking to create memories at a brand-new location, try using Interval International®.

Interval represents more than 3,000 timeshare resorts in 80+ nations around the globe. Exchanging through the Interval system allows you to use your ownership to travel the world. And with so many choices, you never have to vacation in the same location twice.

The easiest way to use Interval is to place an Interval Exchange request. Start by requesting that your Vacation Ownership Interest (VOI) be assigned to Interval International. Once your VOI(s) has been assigned, use it to place an exchange request. You will have two years from the end of the Use Year you assign to complete your exchange travel. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with Interval’s Travel Demand Index (TDI), which measures seasonal demand in different resort destinations. The more highly demanded your desired travel dates are, the more Interval points the exchange will require. If you are flexible and willing to travel during the low season, the request will require fewer Interval points.

Why choose the exchange option? In addition to the large variety of locations, many resorts within the Interval portfolio include the villa-style accommodations you’re used to, including kitchens, multiple bedrooms, laundry facilities, and more. For these reasons, exchanging is a great option when you’re looking to visit a new location but still want the same resort amenities you’ve come to know and love.

One popular Owner strategy is to use an Interval Exchange for a “combination” style of vacation — you first redeem Marriott Bonvoy® points for a hotel stay in a city, and then place an exchange request for a nearby resort stay. For example, you could use your Marriott Bonvoy points for a hotel stay in London, and then venture to the countryside to spend a week at an Interval International resort in England’s Lake District. Or you could stay at a Westin® hotel in Madrid, then travel to Málaga, Spain, to spend a week at an Interval resort on Spain’s southern coast. There are many options using this type of combination vacation.

Interval members can also purchase Interval Getaways. Getaways are discounted vacation weeks offered for rental without having to trade in the VOI(s) you already own. Use these vacations to take extra time for yourself or tack them on to your exchange for an even longer vacation.

Flexibility is a big part of being a member in the Vistana Signature Network. Interval International is yet another way for members to visit more places and create even more unforgettable memories.


Learn More

Visit vistana.com to assign your VOI. Then sign in to intervalworld.com to learn more.


By Tyler Bohlman

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