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Recreate the Spa Experience at Home

Don your fluffy robe. Run a hot bath. Practice yoga. You don’t need to leave the house to enjoy a rejuvenating spa day.

As we continue to spend more time in the house, we may miss the simple pleasures. Now is the perfect time to take a spa day at home, whether you can’t travel right now, or just want to enjoy some “you” time. Try these four tips to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Prep Your Home Spa

Choose the right room — one that best matches the activities you have planned — and perhaps let the others in your home know that you have a “spa appointment.” The bathroom is naturally best suited to facials, foot soaks, beauty treatments or a bath. In a bedroom, you’ll have space to unroll a yoga mat to do gentle movement. You can even enjoy free time on a comfortable chair or sofa.

Dim the lights. Light candles. Plug in a scented diffuser. Press play on soothing background sounds like birds chirping in nature or waves crashing on a beach. Then arrange the room just how you like it. You might want to set out a new book, a writing journal or some magazines.

spa amenities on bathtub

Create a Pampering Environment

One of the best things about going to a spa is the pampering that comes with a treatment. Recreate a luxury spa experience at home by changing into your robe or most comfortable clothes and setting up a tray with beverages like ginger tea or water with fresh fruit slices. You could even go so far as to prepare a smoothie with frozen fruit, honey, greens

Book Your Treatment

Now you’re ready for a treatment, whether it’s a facial, bath or soak. Start by cleaning your face, then apply a facial mask or deep cleanser as you run the water for your bath. You can add Epsom salts or lavender essential oil to ease aches, pains and tired muscles. Once you’re soaking in the bath, consider downloading a meditation app, like Headspace, or practicing deep breathing.

Woman relaxing in bath

Say “Ommm” to Yoga

You can also add a rejuvenating yoga practice to your spa day. Unroll your mat and use your phone or mobile device to download a gentle or restorative yoga class. Many yoga studios offer daily and pre-recorded classes online.

woman practicing yoga indoors

Whether you have just enough time for a mini home session or an afternoon full of treatments, you will reap all the wellness benefits of a home spa day.